Our Mission

We founded Craft Beer Art Project with one simple goal: to celebrate the impact Art has made to Beer. That's why every time you purchase from us, or make a donation, you will directly help to fund the Art of Beer Museum!

Since the 1800's Art has been created to help sell beer. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious, these works of art were always important. Recently, the massive growth in Craft Beer has led an explosion in beer-related art. Yet, aside from the dedication of a few thousand collectors, no one has committed to preserving and celebrating the huge impact of Artwork on the beer industry.

We've partnered with artists from around the world to create new works of art with a fun spin....Each design is made by "upcycling" artwork from beer labels. By doing this, we allow folks to enjoy the entire culture of beer, not just a particular brand or style. 

We hope craft beer enthusiasts enjoy our artwork, and the fun of trying to figure out which images came from which beer labels...or just enjoy the beauty of beer culture as captured in each design. If you think preserving and celebrating Beer Art and Culture is important, please support our initiative to create the Art of Beer Museum!

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