Shower Curtains-Whalez Fragmented-(Craft Beer Artwork)

The Shower Curtains

Shower curtains aren’t only for looks, they additionally keep your floors clean and puddle free. Prevent water from spilling out of the shower head and onto your floors while keeping the classy look of your style in place. Several drapes are available in shifting styles, hues, textures, and sizes that fit your stylistic theme and bathing needs. From styling to advanced and contemporary design, shower blinds can include chic to your bathing area. The magnificence of the shower curtain is that they have two sides, one that keeps water where you need it and another that adds an outline element to your bathing area. Changing your shower curtain is a simple way to upgrade your bathroom decor being an aesthetic game-changer, shower curtains are also a necessity for protecting your floor from overflowing water.

The Philosophy

At Craft Beer Art Project, we absolutely love the Art of the Beer Industry. That’s why every design we make as created in a collage style, using actual art from Beer Label/Can Artwork. Each of our vibrant designs are unique, created by artists from around the world, and created as a celebration of the Art of Beer!

Until now, for you to enjoy the art of your favorite beers, your options were quite limited. Now, we’ve solved that problem! We champion the Art of Beer, and celebrate the impact that art has on our lives every day. If you love unique, fun artwork, we created our products for YOU! #CraftBeerArtProject

The Artwork

Title: Whalez Fragmented


Creative Director: Joe Stickel

Craft Beer Art Project, 2019