Craft Beer Art News

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Craft beer reaching even more people
We wanted it to be an experience where people felt comfortable. So even if you didn't drink craft beer, you still wanted to be there.
By Joe Stickel
Elaboration process and some art
Juicy Brews Art Gallery highlights the artists that are sometimes left behind the scene. The Craft Beer Fest, held recently and hosted by Hop Culture and Marz Community Brewing, featured the designers behind many distinguished breweries, showcasing their collaboration process and selling their work alongside the unlimited pours from the brew masters.
By Joe Stickel
Festivals is one of the best places to promote craft beer
That’s just one reason why label art has boomed worldwide, developing into a medium compared to album art and comic book covers. In fact, several designers have seen their visual work reach audiences of millions largely because of craft beer.
By Joe Stickel
Craft beer in art
Beer makers are increasingly putting artistic emphasis on the cans that carry the concoctions to the consumer.

“For your brand, everything else (on the shelves) is the context and you want your brand to stand out,” said graphic designer Andy Tyra, who is responsible for a lot of the artwork on cans, bottles and carriers at Right Brain Brewery.
By Joe Stickel

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