September 22, 2019

Heavy music fans tend to be very passionate about beer! That's why bands who play all kinds of music (like metal) have decided to get involved with some breweries all over looking to jump into the great opportunity of adding their image and likelihood on a bottle or can.

One of the earliest childhood memories I have is sitting on my grandparents’ back porch in the summertime, pouring [my grandfather] and my dad pints of Schmidt’s beer and sneaking sips of the head,” says Jon Kunz, guitarist of Pennsylvanian death metal crew Outer Heaven, when asked why he wanted to make a beer. “I don’t remember much of my childhood, but I can still taste that crappy Schmidt’s foam and love it.”

Jon’s certainly not alone. Between an initial rush around 2012 and today, enough bands have put out beers that it seems hard to think of a band without its own unique craft brew. Now that making a band-centric beer has become commonplace, one wonders exactly how we got here. Does the combination of metal and beer make so much sense that these collaborations could become a permanent fixture in music merch?



From the simple love of beer that a musician like Jon has to the cross-promotion that can benefit a brewery, we talked to bands, brewers and industry experts to examine why so many bands have something brewing these days.

“Beer is a no-brainer when it comes to rock’n’roll from a marketing perspective,” branding and marketing expert and owner of FeralCat Productions Liz Vap says in an email. “Especially when it comes to metal music, it goes hand in hand, drinking a beer at a show and watching your favorite band.”



The link between certain genres of music and drinking is hardly a mystery, from metalheads crushing cans to hip-hop videos giving champagne a starring role. Beyond the thematic bond, there’s the simple connection of rock shows being the perfect place to have a drink. But not only are most venues centered around their bars (where the majority of their nightly revenues come from), but many also can stock band/brewery collaborations at their bars. With metal-and-beer festivals on the rise, bands and breweries increasingly have the chance to capitalize on this inherent connection and bring their collaborations right to the bands’ shows.

Hundreds of bands have ventured to distribute their own beer brand, some released to celebrate an anniversary, others to commemorate the release of an album or song and most of them so the general public an enjoy!

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