September 30, 2019

Downey Brewing presents welcome murals with artists to meet and greet fans and public, in general, that would like to be part of just have a tasty craft beer at the event. Created during "Paint Out in the Park" these artistic murals were available for sale.

The craft art was created with paint markers and watercolors. Attendees simply loved them! It was a great place to be.

Art and craft beer were both on tap Sept. 6 as Downey Brewing Co., 13121 Prospect, Dearborn, hosted a display of the 2019 Dearborn Homecoming murals and an artist meet-and-greet.

The murals, created during “Paint Out in the Park” Aug. 2 to 4 during Dearborn’s 2019 Homecoming celebration, were available for sale, as were craft beers.



Artist Damon Chamblis, 22, of Detroit, said his mural, created with paint markers and watercolor, is about the process of achieving one’s goals.

“I have preparation, action, and speaking, and in the middle, stars aligning, and on top is the black ball, the unknown,” Chambliss said. “It’s like a bowling ball, striking your goals, and I’ve got the butterflies at the top representing metamorphosis.”

Chamblis said he likes to create collages, as well as work with acrylic paint and woodburning. He said he drew his first mural at age 5 on his bedroom wall.

“Of course, I got in trouble for it, but I just kept with it, and by fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be an artist,” he said. “Right now, I am working at home, and am looking for a studio, as I attach myself to positive, progressive things.”


Artist Sunshine Durant, who has worked with the Dearborn Homecoming “Paint Out in the Park,” which is supported by the Dearborn Community Fund, for the past three years, said she thought Downey Brewing Company would be a great place to exhibit the murals.

It's important that the public come together and get to know a little more about art and the direction craft beer in taking. Now you'll have a chance to enjoy art in a whole new different level in the company of those who also are in the search of something fresh. Get friends or family involved!



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