August 04, 2019

Beer entrepreneurs are always in the lookout for more style in order to keep audience interested and happy with the beer brand.

Mark Urban shares in Sections how to please customer's palate with creative craft beers

Beer makers are increasingly putting artistic emphasis on the cans that carry the concoctions to the consumer.

“For your brand, everything else (on the shelves) is the context and you want your brand to stand out,” said graphic designer Andy Tyra, who is responsible for a lot of the artwork on cans, bottles and carriers at Right Brain Brewery.

The idea of these entrepreneurs is that they want their brand to be recognized and that consumers have a connection between the design of the bottle and the design of the can:

No matter what’s on the outside of the cans, it will never overcome what’s on the inside.

Can design usually focuses on the creation of the beer.

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