September 11, 2019

BY ORIE GIVENS tells us in Spectrum News a new brewery is helping to introduce diversity to the world of craft beer and connecting craft lovers together.

It is said that 1% or less of the beer business owners are black and that 2-4 percent are Latino.

"As we did a lot more research, we realized that there really weren't a lot of people of color in the industry that were showcasing their love of craft beer,” said Ashburn"


The goal is to reach more people and in order to do this the brewery industry has expanded their social media. Now is easier than ever to get involved and connect!

The interest is such that many businesses are showing support to the craft beer industry and their artistic expressions. 

Bringing together what they call the Dope culture with the Dank culture of craft beer.

“That's music, that's art, that's everything that you understand when you hear the word dope

“So, we immediately started curating events, and I say curating specifically because it's not just throwing an event,” said Ashburn. “We wanted it to be an experience where people felt comfortable. So even if you didn't drink craft beer, you still wanted to be there.”

And to engage the brewing community on how to be inclusive to craft beer drinkers that may not look like them.

You can read the full article (HERE)


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