August 06, 2019

The best and final idea is for the product to be sold, however why not adding a bit of extra style in the label, or maybe the can. Everyone loves an added value and art certainly makes anything stand out.

Craig Sauers gave an interview to Time Out on which he comments that is designing creative labels to captivating the attention of clients. He mentions wants for his craft beer to be recognized:

art now plays in the industry is becoming clearer. Not only does great design align with the independent ethos that fuels craft beer, it also allows for small breweries with small-brewery budgets to distinguish their products on increasingly crowded shelves.

To get people attention what best than a festival with music and great food to do the promotion and for people to have quality time with brands there:

That’s just one reason why label art has boomed worldwide, developing into a medium compared to album art and comic book covers. In fact, several designers have seen their visual work reach audiences of millions largely because of craft beer.

Underground music and local food play equally large roles in the movement.


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