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Downey Brewing presents welcome murals
“I have preparation, action, and speaking, and in the middle, stars aligning, and on top is the black ball, the unknown,” Chambliss said. “It’s like a bowling ball, striking your goals, and I’ve got the butterflies at the top representing metamorphosis.”
By Joe Stickel
Westmoreland Cultural Trust hosts Blues, Brews & BBQ
We are excited to host the upcoming Blues, Brews & BBQ event. Working with our Westmoreland County cultural partners, we aim to continue making Westmoreland County a destination for cultural enrichment and just plain fun.
By Joe Stickel
The link between certain genres of music and drinking is hardly a mystery, from metalheads crushing cans to hip-hop videos giving champagne a starring role. Beyond the thematic bond, there’s the simple connection of rock shows being the perfect place to have a drink.
By Joe Stickel
Gunwhale Ales combines beer and art at new location
Above the long wall, which is punctuated by windows that look into what will become a substantial brewery, is Gunwhale’s old-time-y logo, superimposed over a historic lot map of Orange as it existed a century ago or more.
By Joe Stickel

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